The Five Biggest GAP Cover Companies in South Africa

There are 20 GAP cover companies that have been identified as the top providers, offering some 84 different plans.

The top five for under-65s, individuals and families, have been whittled down to the following:

  • Sanlam Comprehensive GAP cover.
  • Absa Gold.
  • Zestlife Universal.
  • KaeloXeulus Fusion.
  • Ambedown GAP Select and Supreme.

The top best companies for over-65s, individuals and families are:

  • Absa Gold.
  • Zestlife Universal.
  • Ambedown GAP Select.
  • KaeloXeulus Fusion.
  • Sanlam Comprehensive GAP cover.

It would pay you to hunt around and find the best GAP cover that suits you. It will also be very wise to read the fine print very carefully, so you don’t get nasty surprises down the line.

GAP cover is not a medical aid. It’s an insurance policy, and insurance companies must make a profit to survive. Insurers are direct in line when it comes to ballooning healthcare costs and ever-rising specialist fees.

So, they’re looking after themselves as well as looking after you. That’s the nature of business everywhere in the world. It should be remembered that GAP cover does not adhere to the Medical Schemes Act but rather the short-term and long-term Insurance Acts.

It may be appropriate when looking at the top performers to discover some postings regarding the various companies online and see what they say:

“I’m currently with Sirago. I’m looking at changing as they have way too many limits imposed.”

“I use Ambedown. They have good offerings.”

“I also use Ambedown. Claimed for an op earlier this year – no problems at all.”

“Zestlife – two claims so far, and two successes!”

“My employer signed us up with Xeulus. Had one claim so far and got paid out with no hassles.”

“I am with Old Mutual. Great cover and no problems.”

Many schemes started to implement age-related premiums from January 2018, so it is advisable that you check the fine print. Some companies claim that they would pay for many things over and above the medical aid payment, so there could be some great surprises waiting for you. There is a lot of groundwork to cover as far as GAP cover is concerned.

On the postings page that there are quotes from above in this blog, there are many posts which say the author has no idea what GAP cover is, and why it is needed. This was a common thread with the posts. It appears that the majority of South Africans are unclear about GAP cover and why it exists at all, so much education is needed in this sphere.

Confusion also arises with certain companies paying for procedures that other companies wouldn’t, so if you go online and check out what is covered and what isn’t with GAP cover, you will come up with an array of “will” and “will nots” that vary from company to company.

Also, this warning found online needs to pursue with your GAP cover company – if your savings account is depleted some GAP covers may reject your claim. What the one has to do with the other is unclear, but in the confusing healthcare environment, most anything’s possible.